Pop Culture, Autobiographically. Join hosts Kevin O'Brien and Taylor Gonda as they discuss things that matter, e.g. music, movies, books, and TV. We talk to guests and each other about pop culture and its never ending impact on our lives.

Ian Cooke is a fantastic musician, a Denver treasure, and a serious dinosaur enthusiast! Join us as we talk all things dinosaur - books, movies, tv shows and music - and we find out how, in the eternal words of Dr. Ian Malcom, "Life, uh, finds a way."

Watch for Ian's dinosaur album coming Spring 2015! Check out http://www.iancookemusic.com/ for all the info!

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Comedian Danny Palumbo is a hard core food dude. He cut his teeth as a line cook and would be happy to get drunk and make you a nice sauce. Join us as we talk Bourdain, Fieri, Lagasse, Batali, Ramsey, Oliver, Child and Dean. Titans of TV food. As Taylor says, "Food's a huge fuckin' deal." Shove it in your face!

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The ladies who lunch... in Chicago... and are comedians... are here! To talk about Bevery Hills, 90210, the most famous zip code in all of TV-ville! Join us as we discuss all the drama and all the non-continuous problems each of our white and privileged characters experienced over the course of 10 seasons. We don't even get into the spin-offs!

Kevin's comedian pals from Austin were in town recently and we sat down with a few of them. First up: Aaron Brooks talking Blink-182. If you're a regular listener to the show, you know that Blink looms large in Kevin's life. Join Kev and Aaron as they go all gaga-eyed about the pop punk trio from San Diego who are a little bratty, a little glossy, but all heart. They did, after all, coin the maxium that, "Nobody likes you when you're 23", which is indesputable.

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On today's show... Act I... comedian Elliot Woolsey explores his love of the public radio show, This American Life, in all its intricate and strange glory. We all do Ira Glass impressions, maybe a Garrison Keilor or two, and we talk about the life-changeing show that we've seem to have taken for granted for the last two decades.

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It's a Two-fer Tuesday! Join us as we chat to double returning guests and comedians Chris Charpentier and Bobby Crane. The boys discuss Bose, Idaho white dude music, bands that jam that are not jam bands and how to make Bobby cry.

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Comedian Matt Monroe joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about meta movie making, Tarantino's sense of humor, and the white guilt associated with Django Unchained. 

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Graphic Designer Josh Mattison joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about why Cyclopse was the lamest member of the X-Men, the lack of strong female leads, and the many spin-offs of the massive Marvel universe.

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Sam Tallent, Ian Karmel, Matt Ingebretson, and Andy Haynes join Kevin and Taylor live from TRVE Brewery to talk about their favorite stand-up specials

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Writer/Editor/Archaeologist/Man-About-Town Mark Sanders joins Kevin and Taylor as they indulge his BB gun obession, learn about the history of the BB gun, and why the book he was working on doesn't exist.

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