Pop Culture, Autobiographically. Join hosts Kevin O'Brien and Taylor Gonda as they discuss things that matter, e.g. music, movies, books, and TV. We talk to guests and each other about pop culture and its never ending impact on our lives.

Oh, Leo. Your heart will go on. Or at least our guest comedian Justine Marino's heart will go on for you forever and ever. Justine watched Leo every day after school for years. She still loves a tall, skinny blonde-haired, blue-eyed dude. She's been with him through Titanic, through The Beach, through Gangs of New York, all the way through Django Unchained and The Wolf of Wall Street. She will never let go, Jack!! Listen in as we discuss Leo's transformation from the head of the Pussy Posse to his role as the new Jack Nicholson.

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Merry every winter holiday we can think of! Kev and Tay forgo guests and get down to important matters. Ridiculous topics. Why they're not actually a comedy podcast. The Velveteen Rabbit. And Kevin's holiday party weariness.

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Young filmmaker Matty O'Connor has a simple system for his potential lady friends. Invite them over, put on Boogie Nights, evaluate. While we have no statistical data as to the success rate of this technique, we can say that we understand the motivation. Paul Thomas Anderson, aka: PTA, has influenced at least one generation of filmmakers, and maybe the entire population of Southern California as well. Join us as we discuss his films, his themes, and whether or not he'll ever write a female lead role.

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You need coolin'. Listeners, we're not foolin' Or at least you will need some cooling after this awesome episode featuring the one and only Mr. Tom Scharpling, past and future host of The Best Show, talking about the one and only Led Zeppelin. Does Tom also happen to include a track-by-track take down of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? You'l have to listen to find out!

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For this week's episode, Kevin ran out of town! He heard there were wild turkeys up in the Pacfic Northwest and so he got a a plane and left! Today's epsiode is therefore a guest podcacst called Read It and Weep out of Portland, OR. It features hosts Alex Falcone, Ezra Fox and Chris Smith, and it is all about pop culture as well! "A good podcast about bad books, movies and TV". Right up our alley! We thought it would be fun to take a listen to another show for a sec, so hop on in to Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1! And be sure to check out Read It and Weep at read-weep.com! 

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Oh, hi Mark! Thanks so much for stopping by for a game of football! Would you care for some entirely too long and horribly shot sex? Perhaps a framed picture of a spoon? Oh by the way, I got the results of the test back - I definitely have breast cancer.

Join us as we discuss the "Best Worst Movie" of all time, THE ROOM, with musician Mike Marchant. And don't forget to step out on your green screened balcony when you need a breather.

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It's the return of musician Robin Edwards, aka Lisa Prank! Join us as we talk about one of Kevin's favorite subjects, Pop Punk! Don't write yourself off yet, guys.

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Musician Nathan Wright has been in Gauntlet Hair and Kevin Costner Suicide Pact. He's booked shows, he's toured, he's been here there and everywhere. But we ain't seen nothing like him in any amusement hall. What we're saying is... he sure plays a mean pinball... or at least not terrible pinball. Actually, we've never seen him play, but his enthusiasm for the game makes us think he at least doesn't totally suck. Join us as we talk about that silver ball, the twack of the flipper, and the precarious glory of the tilt.

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Hey, now! You've flipped to the correct channel. What network is this? We'll never tell, but we've got Larry, Hank and Artie - what more do you need? We chat with improviser Jason Wenger about the seminal, groundbreaking HBO series, The Larry Sander Show. See Bob Odenkirk and Janeane Garofalo fool around in bed! Watch Jeremy Piven be yet another asshole! Observe a litany of young comedic writers, performers and producers get their start! Learn life lessons and laugh and laugh and laugh!

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Reel around the fountain, you guys. Join us as we slap actor/improviser Joseph Wolff Phillips on the patio for a bit, or at least talk to him about The Smiths and Morrissey. Is Johnny Marr a vital part of The Smiths sound? Or was it entirely Morrissey's baby? And what of those other two guys? And what of pretention, self-pity and romanticism? We get into it all.

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Ian Cooke is a fantastic musician, a Denver treasure, and a serious dinosaur enthusiast! Join us as we talk all things dinosaur - books, movies, tv shows and music - and we find out how, in the eternal words of Dr. Ian Malcom, "Life, uh, finds a way."

Watch for Ian's dinosaur album coming Spring 2015! Check out http://www.iancookemusic.com/ for all the info!

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Comedian Danny Palumbo is a hard core food dude. He cut his teeth as a line cook and would be happy to get drunk and make you a nice sauce. Join us as we talk Bourdain, Fieri, Lagasse, Batali, Ramsey, Oliver, Child and Dean. Titans of TV food. As Taylor says, "Food's a huge fuckin' deal." Shove it in your face!

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The ladies who lunch... in Chicago... and are comedians... are here! To talk about Bevery Hills, 90210, the most famous zip code in all of TV-ville! Join us as we discuss all the drama and all the non-continuous problems each of our white and privileged characters experienced over the course of 10 seasons. We don't even get into the spin-offs!

Kevin's comedian pals from Austin were in town recently and we sat down with a few of them. First up: Aaron Brooks talking Blink-182. If you're a regular listener to the show, you know that Blink looms large in Kevin's life. Join Kev and Aaron as they go all gaga-eyed about the pop punk trio from San Diego who are a little bratty, a little glossy, but all heart. They did, after all, coin the maxium that, "Nobody likes you when you're 23", which is indesputable.

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On today's show... Act I... comedian Elliot Woolsey explores his love of the public radio show, This American Life, in all its intricate and strange glory. We all do Ira Glass impressions, maybe a Garrison Keilor or two, and we talk about the life-changeing show that we've seem to have taken for granted for the last two decades.

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It's a Two-fer Tuesday! Join us as we chat to double returning guests and comedians Chris Charpentier and Bobby Crane. The boys discuss Bose, Idaho white dude music, bands that jam that are not jam bands and how to make Bobby cry.

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Comedian Matt Monroe joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about meta movie making, Tarantino's sense of humor, and the white guilt associated with Django Unchained. 

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Graphic Designer Josh Mattison joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about why Cyclopse was the lamest member of the X-Men, the lack of strong female leads, and the many spin-offs of the massive Marvel universe.

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Sam Tallent, Ian Karmel, Matt Ingebretson, and Andy Haynes join Kevin and Taylor live from TRVE Brewery to talk about their favorite stand-up specials

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Writer/Editor/Archaeologist/Man-About-Town Mark Sanders joins Kevin and Taylor as they indulge his BB gun obession, learn about the history of the BB gun, and why the book he was working on doesn't exist.

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Westword Music Editor Kiernan Maletsky joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about growing up without a TV, rapping Weird Al on road trips, and the importance of UHF.

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Ep. 114 - Kids in the Hall w/ Haley Driscoll

Improviser-Comedian Haley Driscoll joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about her favorite sketches, being a creative weirdo in high school, and how the Kids have influenced her comedy.

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Artist and Taylor's sister Kate Gonda stops by to talk about dressing like Peter Pan as a child, reading the books as a teen, and being frustrated with man-boys.

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Kevin and Taylor thought a minisode was long over due as they catch up on Kevin's travel, Taylor's existential crisis, and the pop culture that accompanies them.

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Comedian Kevin O'Shea joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about acting out The State sketches at summer camp, meeting some of the cast, and the show's influence on his comedy today.

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Owner of the Oriental Theater Scott LaBarbera joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about Trey Parker & Matt Stone's writing process, growing up Jehovah's witness, and the evolution of South Park

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From the Westword writer Ashley Rogers joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about surreal dream sequences, cry-dancing, and how a VHS box set made her the Twin Peaks girl in college.

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Comedian Allen Strickland Williams joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about the two Johns, goofy/dark lyrics, and the time he spent an entire cruise listening to They Might Be Giants.

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From the Buntport Theater Erik Edborg joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about building a friendship around a love of Queen, movie montages, and the real meaning of Bicycle Race.

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We were so excited to have Andy Kindler over to chat. He ran through a range of topic choices, all of which we had already done, until we landed on the Grateful Dead. Andy loves 'em, and he also loves talking drugs, lyrics, Leno, Scharpling and any number of ADD-induced topics. We hope you enjoy!

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General Manager of Twist & Shout Records Patrick Brown joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about jazz purists, smack, and the diverse catalog of Miles Davis

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3 Cheers for Street Justice! Comedian/Dictator of Fun Josh Androsky hops out of the car and into the podcast to talk about getting thrown out of a karaoke bar, trying to one-up Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and how a good 'raoke set can make up for a bad stand-up set.

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Comedian Andy Sell came all the way from L.A. to talk to Kevin and Taylor about working for Bradbury, the poetic nature of his work, and "the moment of truth."

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From Illegal Pete's/Great Than Collective Virgil Dickerson joins Kevin and Taylor to discuss growing up on the mean streets of southern Colorado, East Coast vs. West Coast, and raising a kid as a rap fan.

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Musician/Pizza Enthusiast David Castillo joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about finding a new drummer every set, AJ Davila's influence on his work, and how freeing it is to sing in spanish.

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For our live two year anniversary, we took the show on the road! With appearances from Ru Johnson, Timmi Lasley, Sam Tallent, Jessi Whitten, Randy Washington, Rob Burleson, Robin Edwards, Jordan Doll, Fez Garcia, David Gborie, Andrew Orvedahl, Chris Charpentier and Jules Posner, our live show from the Sidewinder Tavern has something for everyone, including the Limp Bizkit lover in your life! Listen in as our guests each tell one story about one song.

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Kevin and Taylor have made it to their 100th episode! As a result they thought it was time to look back on the best qupis, stories, and guests of the first two years of the show.

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Composer Nathan Hall joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about being one of the three Tori Amos fans in his small home town, her influence on his work, and how she manages to strike a personal nerve.

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Drummer Fez Garcia takes time away from his many bands to join Kevin and Taylor to talk about getting ritalin instead of a drum set, seeing Mars Volta live for the first time, and the importance of not being a poser.

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Colorado Public Radio's Scott Carney joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about dance music for intellectuals, having a cool dad, and the "David Bryne Dance."

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Owner of Sexy Pizza & Denver Relief Kayvan Khalatbari joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about growing up watching Breakfast Club at his grandma's, John Hughes influence, and who exactly was in the Brat Pack?

Direct download: These_Things_Matter_Episode_96.mp3
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Creative Manager of the Alamo Drafthouse Keith Garcia joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about a thing that happened to his cousin's friend's roommate one time, how his dad started his love of urban legends, and their influence on horror movies.

Direct download: These_Things_Matter_Episode_95.mp3
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Cartoonist Noah Van Sciver joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about growing up in a large comic book family, Haight-Ashbury, and Crumb's influence on his work.

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Comedian Troy Walker joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about his favorite pre-show pump songs, Eminem's vunerability, and why he isn't a fan of grand gestures.

Direct download: These_Things_Matter_Episode_93.mp3
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Writer William Dewey joins Kevin and Taylor to discuss tortured artists, DFW's cult status, and his grasp of misogynists.

Direct download: These_Things_Matter_Episode_92.mp3
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Graphic Designer Michael King joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about going to arts camp in rural North Carolina, reglious iconography, and how a cassette of A Broken Frame changed his life.

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Ep. 90 - RuPaul's Drag Race w/ Katelyn Simkins & Crystal Allen

Make-up artist Katelyn Simkins and photographer Crystal Allen join Kevin and Taylor to bring the T about Drag Race, throw some shade, and talk about working with drag superstar Sharon Needles.

Direct download: These_Things_Matter_Episode_90.mp3
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Writer Kathleen St. John joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about being persecuted by punk dudes, Bono's "Bononess," and how U2 is like Spinal Tap.

Direct download: These_Things_Matter_Episode_89.mp3
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Drummer Rob Burleson joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about the music video director turned autuer, how Fight Club may have been better than the book, and why SE7EN is the worst date movie of all time.

Direct download: These_Things_Matter_Episode_88.mp3
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Colorado Public Radio's Jessi Whitten joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about the differences between Joel and Mike, having MST3K be the foundation for a successful relationship, and how MST3K created a whole generation of snarky smart-asses.

Direct download: These_Things_Matter_Episode_87.mp3
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Kevin's Nanny O'Brien took sick and so he's visiting her in Nebraska. If you'd like to hear Episode 9 where Kevin interviewed her, you can find it here: http://thesethingsmatterpodcast.com/2012/06/13/ep-9-nanny-obrien/

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Ep. 86 - Jack Kerouac & Neal Cassady w/ Heather Dalton

Producer/Musician Heather Dalton joins Kevin and Taylor to talk about when poetry was like punk, Kerouac's connection to Denver, and spending a week with Cassady's widow in London.

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