Pop Culture, Autobiographically. Join hosts Kevin O'Brien and Taylor Gonda as they discuss things that matter, e.g. music, movies, books, and TV. We talk to guests and each other about pop culture and its never ending impact on our lives.

Welp... that's a wrap. We didn't quite make it to 250 episodes, and we didn't quite make it to five years, but that's how life goes sometimes. Who would have guessed when we started the show that Kevin would be heading off to New York City and Taylor would be heading to Los Angeles? ...I mean, I suppose you probably could have made an educated guess. Nevertheless!

We hope you have enjoyed the show whether you listened to one ep or every ep (god save your poor soul). Please know we telepathically heard every time you yelled at your listening device when we got something wrong. You guys yell a LOT!

To absolutely everyone involved in making this show - producers, guests, designers, photographers, bandmates and listeners - THANK YOU.

And now we present The End.


-Taylor & Kevin

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For our penultimate episode we have one of our bestest pals, comedian Nathan Lund, talking about one of his favorite-est authors; Kurt Vonnegut. It should be noted that this was part of a marathon podcast recording session so Kevin may be a bit tipsy, Nathan may be a bit high, and Taylor may be a bit tired, but we couldn't call ourselves a true podcast, even after doing the show for almost a full five years unless we had at least a couple eps where people were not quite coherent.

Join us as we discuss Mr. Vonnegut's work, the tattoos he's inspired, and the mental breakdowns that lead to getting those tattoos.

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We only have three more eps left (including this one) and we could not finish up our run without talking to Ron Doyle. Ron was one of the hosts of Denver's original pop culturey podcast, The Denver Diatribe. He now co-hosts and co-produces The Narrators show and podcast. He has also been involved in several other shows around town, he volunteers at the High Plains Comedy Fest, and he makes time for his family after working as a free lancer. How does he do it!?

We don't know, but we do know that he sure loves magazines. Listen in as we discuss National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Spin, Cosmo, Field & Stream, The Source, Vanity Fair and of course Highlights magazine.

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On today's ep we have one of our favorite guests and the winner of our Most Times On The Podcast Award, Mr. Sam Tallent. Sam Stops by to talk about one of his favorite authors, Cormac McCarthy. Author of The Road, All The Pretty Horses, No Country For Old Me, and Sam's absolute fave, Blood Meridian.

Join in as we talk about death and violence. Man's inhumanity to man! How 'bout it?!

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"That's it, baby, when you've got it, flaunt it, flaunt it!"

Hey! It's our fave radio DJ Jessi Whitten talk about her fave director/writer/actor/producer Mel Brooks!

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"I used to be Irish Catholic; Now I'm an American. You know, you grow."

We had a blast talking to comedian Matt Braunger about George Carlin and his 1972 album CLASS CLOWN. Join us as we delve into the mind of the man known for his wordplay and his political prowess.

Be sure to catch Matt on stage when he comes to your town!

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On today's episode we talk to writer (and Taylor's old college pal) Rob Walker about the one and only John Hughes, director of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, UNCLE BUCK, PRETTY IN PINK, SIXTEEN CANDLES, ETC!

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Join us as we talk to musicians Harmony Rose and Michelle Rocqet of The Milk Blossoms as they talk about their love of board games. Popular and obscure, new or used, strategy or skill-based, they love 'em all!

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On today's ep we talk to musician Mike King of the band The Outfit about his obsession with The Legend of Zelda and all its sequels for NES, Super Nintendo, N64, etc, etc, etc. Join us as we grab our sword and shield and hit the road looking for rupees and dungeons!

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Our new friend comedian Will Miles stopped by to talk about what it's like to be inspired by your peers, to be away from your family when there's a terrorist attack, and how Childish Gambino came to be legitimately amazing. We're talking Donald Glover! Community, Atlanta, LANDO?! Get into it, mystery team!

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Diaz: Mellow out man. We can't talk business with you waving guns in people's faces. Your daughter is safe, Colonel. Now whether she stays that way is up to you. My people, they got some business with you. And if you want your kid back, then you gotta cooperate, right?

John Matrix: Wrong.

[shoots Diaz between the eyes]

And that about sums up the wonder of 1985's COMMANDO starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, playing John Matrix. He's a loving father, outdoorsman, deer feeder, fishing enthusiast, and he can kill you any number of a thousand ways.
Listen as we chat to comedian Karl Hess about his love of this action movie classic.

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Rounding out the O'Brien parental units, on this week's episode, Kevin talks to his dad Dennis O'Brien about his pop cultural past!

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